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Meet Liz Huang

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      Liz Huang is a Vancouver-based composer, singer-songwriter, who draws in literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and found inspirations to create music that has been described as "provoking, poignant, poetic, and heartfelt". The extensive classical training since Liz's early childhood has imparted discerning perceptions and artistic intuition for her musical interpretation nuances. 

       Liz Huang holds a Master of Music degree (M.Mus) from Berklee College of Music, in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games. From Berklee's innovative culture, she matured her stylistic diversity and conducting skills in her musical languages, as well as consolidating modern production techniques and trends.

      Liz studied film scoring and orchestration with many well-acknowledged composers, including Lucio Godoy, Dr. Alfons Conde, Vicente Ortiz Gimeno, Sean McMahon, and Ben Newhouse. Her film score for Jane (2022) has won the Best Music Soundtrack in the 20th Annual Tabloid Witch Awards.

      As a professional composer, Liz collaborated with numerous performing artists, ensembles, as well as Budapest Scoring Orchestra several times, with many of her works being professionally performed and recorded in the studio. She also conducted her own orchestral piece The Last Battle in London, at the legendary AIR Studios Lyndhurst Hall, and was recorded by Jake Jackson and his world-class production team.

      As an independent singer-songwriter, Liz found her voice debuting her single Monochrome Tune in the year of 2020 during the COVID lockdown period. In 2022, she released another single A Prayer during the Russo-Ukrainian War. In 2024, she released her first EP Hommage à Byron, dedicated to the classical poet George Gordon Byron (1788-1824)


      Aside from being a creator, Liz has also been a devoted educator and mentor throughout her music career, teaching comprehensive subjects including composition and pedagogy. Her students often describe her as “a loving mother, sister, and best friend”. Most of her students chose to take music and education as their career path. As they say “the best way to show love and appreciation is to pass it on”.

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