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MMUS (Berklee College of Music)

Award winning music composer and arranger that features film/TV and video game scoring, across various musical styles and genres.

Her recent score for the film Jane (2022)  has won the Best Music Soundtrack in the 20th annual Tabloid Witch Awards.

"Liz writes music that is undeniably beautiful. She pairs beautiful melodies with lush harmonies and makes state-of-the-art recordings. I believe her music would dramatically enhance the right film or TV show."

- Ben Newhouse (Composer of film and concert and film music, instructor and course author at Berklee College of Music)

"Really cool orchestral gestures, great harmonic language vertically and horizontally, gorgeous melodies."

- Vicente Avella (Award Winning Pianist and Composer, NARAS and LARAS Voting Member)

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